Verify Quotations – Preparation


Required Materials

  1. Verify Quotations student handout
  2. Print reference materials to research quotation origins (e.g., Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations)
  3. Online reference materials to research quotation origins (e.g., Quote Investigator)

Additional resources

  1. Can’t confirm that quotation? Search Google Books
  2. How to Research a Quotation
  3. Misquotes: Searching for Authenticity Online
  4. Wikiquote

Advanced Preparation

1. Students may complete the handout for this activity on or off line.

  • Review the handout.
  • Print one copy of the handout per student or post the link to the Verify Quotations Handout wherever you distribute digital files so each student can access the handout.
  • If students complete a digital copy of the handout, decide how you want them to rename the file for easy identification later. For example, do you want each student to create a file or will it be sufficient for each pair or trio to share one file?

2. Gather print reference materials or arrange to visit school library.

3. Identify and review online research resources. You may want to post links to some of the suggested Online Resources for students wherever you distribute digital resources to students.

4. Divide class into pairs or trios who will work together to complete the assignment.

Verify Quotations