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People frequently use quotes to add credibility to a point being made, particularly if they can attribute the quote to someone who is well-known. In part, this because quotes are easy to remember and people tend to believe something when they think it was said by a trustworthy individual. In truth, quotes are regularly misattributed or just downright wrong.

In this activity, you will work with one or two other students to research the origins of eight famous quotes. Some are attributed correctly, while others are not. It’s up to student teams to conduct research to figure out which is which.

Verify Quotations Handout

  1. Download a copy of this file.
  2. Rename it using the format provided by your teacher and Save it.
  3. Close the Download window.
  4. Record your work in this file.

Example Online Resources

Here is a list of a few of the kinds on online resources that might be helpful in your research.

  1. Quote Investigator
  2. Can’t confirm that quotation? Search Google Books
  3. How to Research a Quotation
  4. Misquotes: Searching for Authenticity Online
  5. Wikiquote

Verify Quotations