Before You Share – Student Resources

Social media platforms make it all too easy for users to ‘Like,’ ‘Share,’ ‘Tweet,’ or otherwise pass along misinformation without intending to become part of the counterknowledge problem. Anyone who has one or more social media accounts needs to take the time to verify that articles, memes, photographs, and anything else they pass along to their friends are based in fact. Studies say that students are actually better at this than some adults, but still they do make mistakes.

In this activity you will work in teams to apply tips you learn for verifying online items which may, or may not, be true prior to sharing them with anyone else.

Before You Share Handout

  1. Download a copy of this file.
  2. Rename it using the format provided by your teacher and Save it.
  3. Close the Download window.
  4. Record your work in this file.

Example Online Resources

Here is a list of a few of the kinds on online resources that might be helpful in your research.

Before You Share