Unbelievable! Assessment


Ask students to write individual responses to the reflection question at the end of the handout.

Review students’ responses to the questions for each of the three scenarios. Are they able to accurately calculate the mean, median, and mode for each scenario? Are their responses to the scenario questions reasonable and clearly explained? Some answers will vary and are noted in the Answer Key provided below. Accept all reasonable responses. Lead a full class discussion of each task on the handout to allow students to share their answers and explain the basis of their decisions.

Answer Key – Student Handout:

Claim 1: The San Juan Islands has one-half the amount of rainfall—true, but the remark about days with sunshine is deceptive in its phrasing.

Claim 2: There are nearly 1 billion more mobile devices than there are people in the world—true.

Claim 3: There has been a 70%decrease in newspaper newsroom employment since 2004—not true. The actual decline is 47%.

Claim 4: The portion sizes for the majority of foods have at least doubled in the last 20 years—true.

Claim 5: It’s possible to increase your odds of winning the lottery by following a few simple tips—not true.

Resources cited will vary. Accept reasonable responses.

Ask students to share what they have learned during this activity.