Data Collection – Assessment


Ask students to write individual responses to the reflection question at the end of the handout.

Review students’ revised questions. Are they able to accurately identify the tip related to each question? Are their revised questions reasonable? Some answers will vary and are noted in the Answer Key provided below. Accept all reasonable responses.

Lead a full class discussion of each task on the handout to allow students to share their answers and explain the basis of their decisions.

Answer Key – Student Handout:

Revised questions will vary. Accept all reasonable responses.

Question 1

Original Question: Where do you like to camp?

Tip – 6

Sample Revised Question: The original question assumes that the survey taker

likes to camp. First ask, Do you like to camp?

Answer Options: Yes, No, and I don’t know.

Question 2

Original Question: How happy or unhappy are you with the new class schedule

this year and do you like new menu choices in the cafeteria?

Tip – 2

Sample Revised Question: Note: This needs to be broken into two questions.

1. How would you rate this year’s new class schedule?

2. How would you rate the new menu choices in the cafeteria?

Answer Options: These question can be further improved using the following

answer options: Very Good, Good, Neutral, Fair, Poor.

Question 3

Original Question: Do you always bathe at night?

Tip – 4

Sample Revised Question: Do you bathe at night?

Answer Options: Usually, Sometimes, Rarely, Other

Question 4

Original Question: Should responsible motorcyclists wear protective helmets?

Tip – 5

Sample Revised Question: Do you think people who ride motorcycles should be

Required to wear helmets?

Answer Options: Yes, No, I Don’t Know

Question 5

Original Question: Do you have a tablet?

Tip – 1

Sample Revised Question: The word tablet is undefined and so could refer to a

number of different items. Depending on what ‘tablet’ refers to, the revised

question could be: Do you have a mobile tablet device (e.g., Android or iPad)? or

Do you have medication in tablet form (e.g., aspirin or cold remedy)?

Answer Options: Yes, No, I Don’t Know

Question 6

Original Question: What kind of car do you prefer to drive? (Ford, Chevrolet,

Nissan, Kia)

Tip – 3

Sample Revised Question: This question does not provide an option for survey

takers who do not drive or who prefer a different make of car.Improve this

question by changing the answer options. What kind of car do you prefer to drive?

Answer Options: Ford, Chevrolet, Nissan, Kia, Other, I Don’t Drive

Ask students to share their responses to the reflection question.

Data Collection