Counterknowledge – Student Resources

Journalist Damien Thompson defines counterknowledge as misinformation packaged to look like fact. It is manifested in multiple formats including conspiracy theories, pseudoscience, and pseudohistory. It’s tough for adults to do the research necessary to insure that they aren’t taken in by counterknowledge, so it’s no surprise that students struggle with figuring out what’s true and what isn’t.

In this activity, you will be introduced to the concept of counterknowledge and then work with one or two other students to decide why a specific conspiracy theory is an example of misinformation packaged to look like fact.

Counterknowledge Handout

  1. Download a copy of this file.
  2. Rename it using the format provided by your teacher and Save it.
  3. Close the Download window.
  4. Record your work in this file.

Example Online Resources

Group Conspiracy Theory—JFK’s Assassination

Independent Conspiracy Theory 1 – Holocaust Deniers

Independent Conspiracy Theory 2 – UFOs

Independent Conspiracy Theory 3 – Bigfoot

Independent Conspiracy Theory 4 – The Earth is Flat

Additional Resources