Data Collection – Student Resources

Data are gathered in various ways. One common strategy is use of surveys. On the surface, this may seem simple—ask questions, record answers, and tabulate results to draw conclusions. But the reality is that writing survey questions to collect the data needed instead of the data desired is easier said than done.

In this activity, student pairs or trios work to review the elements of good survey questions and then write six or more questions of their own.

Data Collection Handout

  1. Download a copy of this file.
  2. Rename it using the format provided by your teacher and Save it.
  3. Close the Download window.
  4. Record your work in this file.

Example Online Resources

Here is a list of a few of the kinds on online resources that might be helpful in your research.

  1. Creating Good Interview and Survey Questions
  2. How To Write Good Survey Questions
  3. Close-Ended vs Open-Ended Questions
  4. Designing a Survey
  5. Survey Questionnaire Ideas for Students Using Google Forms
  6. How to Conduct a Survey for a School Project
  7. How to Do a Survey

Data Collection